Meet Us

Located near Buffalo, Wyoming, we are centrally located to many of the best cattle and horse seed stock producers in the United States.

Bev Knuths — Born and raised on a ranch in SE Montana, Bev has a lifetime of experience handling and working with livestock. She was the office manager at Buffalo Livestock Auction in Buffalo, Wyoming from 2003 until 2016. Bev currently lives in Billings, Mt. With her excellent working knowledge of our auction management system, dedication, and attention to detail your sale will come off without a hitch from start to finish with timely and accurate results.

Jay Godley — Jay grew up on a ranch in Colorado and after college spent seven years in the US Navy. In 1985 he returned to ranching and auctioneering in Wyoming. He opened and operated  Buffalo Livestock Auction in the fall of 1996 until selling it in 2017. Jay brings to Production Sales Live many years experience in the buying & selling of livestock as well as working with livestock buyers and sellers nationwide. He has a very good working knowledge of computer and video systems and is responsible for all the systems setup as well as assisting in the broadcasting, clerking & accounting functions of your sale.

What Experience Brings

Your Production Sales Live team brings over 40 years of collective experience in producing and hosting livestock production sales. We fully understand the challenges of handling hundreds of buyer registrations, error free clerking, settling buyers at the conclusion of the sale, and live video broadcasts.

We are available to assist you in the planning of your sale from start to finish. In short, we know auctions and how to make them flow smoothly. With national advertising exposure, our live Internet video will bring heightened interest and numerous new buyers to your event.

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